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Cider Apple Vinegar

What is Cider Apple Vinegar?

Cider Apple Vinegar is simply vinegar made from cider.

The cider is made solely from whole British apples and then turned into vinegar (in an acetator) where acetic bacteria convert the alcohol in the cider to acetic acid; a substance essential to cattle and many other animals.

Hundreds of farmers swear by Cider Apple Vinegar and use it for a variety of reasons.

Medicine in its more sophisticated form takes and uses the best of the old remedies and the best of modern research. Many preparations now marketed in tablet form are, in fact, purified and standarised herbal remedies.

While nobody will pretend that Cider Apple Vinegar is a panacea or cure-all, it would be short-sighted to deny the very useful part it can play in animal health.

It is recognised that disease is more likely to occur in the under-nourished animal.

Cider Apple Vinegar can be successfully used to help overcome many conditions.

However, advice should always be sought if the stockman is not entirely happy about the state of his/her livestock.


Horses, Ponies, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Goats

A daily amount of Cider Apple Vinegar has been reported to be effective in preventing, or at least relieving, joint problems.

Method of Feeding

Animals find Cider Apple Vinegar very palatable and normally the vinegar may simply be poured over their concentrate ration or into their drinking water.

As a general rule, adult animals require 2 fluid ounces (56 ml), twice daily, younger animals proportionately less, according to weight. Weaned calves one ounce daily, newly born calves two teaspoonfuls daily.

Hints for the length of treatment for specific ailments are given in the pages of the Complete Cider Vinegar by Maurice Hanssen. As a rough measurement guide, one generous tablespoon is equal to one fluid ounce. (1 pint = 20 Fluid Ounces = 560 mls)

Cost and Supplies

Cider Apple Vinegar is not expensive to use, as the usual rations is 4 fluid ounces per head, per day. Farmers contend that this is more than recovered  by saving in the use of antibiotics, medicines and veterinary attendance.

Supplies can be obtained from your usual agricultural feed merchant. The Cider Apple Vinegar is supplied in 5 litre, 25 litre and 200 litre no deposit containers, also in bulk (minimum of 1,000 litres).

Available as standard in non-genetically modified form and now as organic (Soil Association License P5273).

Apple Cider Vinegar is available added to molasses for feeding to stock AND available for humans in either 1 litre bottles as neat cider vinegar or mixed with honey as Honegar.

If you have a little time to spare and wish to know more about Cider Apple Vinegar click the link to go to our information page.


We would welcome having your experience of its benefits if you have used Cider Apple Vinegar in the past. Please email us: info@dallaskeith.co.uk.




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