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Organic Approved Animal Feed Products


Salt is an essential part of the diet and is vital to Salt is an essential part of stock health. Dallas Keith salt blocks are packed in plastic buckets in a variety of sizes from 20kg and 100kg.

Our unique method of production allows us to present various formulations based in salt not molasses in plastic buckets. Unlike conventional square salt blocks with holes in the middle these are suitable for placing in collecting yards or simply placing amongst grazing stock.

An approved salt based mineral lick suitable for use in organic farming systems as being part of the permitted allowance. For further details contact your organic certification body.


An Organic Vinegar

Cider apple vinegar has long been found beneficial to stock health and is used for a wide variety of reasons in the diets of dairy cows, sheep, horses and pigs. Cider apple vinegar is rich in the vitamins, minerals and trace elements found naturally in apples especially potassium. It normalizes acid levels in the stomach, improves digestion and alleviates some of the symptoms of arthritis.

Available in 5, 25, 200 and 1,000 litre containers. Simply feed by adding to the drinking water or 50mls per head per day pouring over forage. At it provides an inexpensive natural health tonic. Click here to find out more

Feed Blocks


Suitable for both cattle and sheep. This is a high energy feed block based on organic cane molasses with natural proteins. Magnesium, phosphorus and calcium are also present and extra trace elements can be added where necessary subject to derogation from the relevant organic body.

Protein 8% Magnesium 2.5%
Phosphorus 1% Calcium 6%
Manganese 400mg/kg Cobalt 25mg/kg
Selenium 8mg/kg Iodine 50mg/kg
Zinc 450mg/kg  

Mineral Blocks — molassed


Suitable for cattle where mineral licks which are su higher levels of minerals are required.

Magnesium 5% Calcium 6%
Phosphorus 2% Sodium 10%
Manganese 1600mg/kg Cobalt 100mg/kg
Selenium 12mg/kg Iodine 200mg/kg
Zinc 1800mg/kg Copper 1500mg/kg


A molassed mineral lick containing garlic to repel biting flies and insects. Contains pure garlic, zinc, cobalt and selenium. Suitable for either cattle or sheep. Available with added copper on request.

Allow 1 x 20kg bucket per 10 head. Also available in larger sized containers.

Magnesium 5% Calcium 10%
Phosphorus 1.5% Sodium 6%
Cobalt 400mg/kg Selenium 30mg/kg
Zinc 7000mg/kg  


Molassed mineral licks which are suitable for sheep where higher levels of minerals are required.

Magnesium 5% Zinc 1800mg/kg
Phosphorus 2% Calcium 6%
Manganese 1600mg/kg Sodium 10%
Selenium 12mg/kg Cobalt 100mg/kg
Iodine 200mg/kg  


Molassed mineral licks which are suitable for cattle or sheep where higher levels of magnesium and minerals are required such as with dry cows.

Magnesium 15% Calcium 3%
Phosphorus 1% Sodium 3%
Manganese 1600mg/kg Cobalt 100mg/kg
Selenium 12mg/kg Iodine 200mg/kg
Zinc 1800mg/kg  

Available in 20kg and 100kg plastic tubs

Liquid Feeds


A liquid feed containing 3.6% lable sources to help magnesium from highly available sources to combat ‘grass staggers’.

Feed through lick wheel feeders at the ratio of 20 head of cattle per twin wheel feeder.

The palatable molasses base will ensure a ready intake of magnesium when alternative methods such as blocks will not be able to supply sufficient intake to solve the problem.


A free flowing form of molasses suitable for feeding ‘ad-lib’ through lick feeders or poured over forage or added to mixers to reduce dust and increase palatability.

Total sugars 36%.

Available in 1,000 litre lots delivered to farm. 1,000 litre tanks available as low cost storage.


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