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Specialist Liquid Feeds for Animals

See the table below for more details.

Feeding Rates
Total Protein % As Fed Protein % From Urea As Fed Magnesium % Sugar % As Sucrose Cider Apple Vinegar Trace Elements Vitamins (Valid for 6 months)
Vit-Molasses Cattle and Sheep -
40.5 litres/9gals. per cwt cereal mixed in rations or in wheel feeder
Cattle - 1 litre/head/day
Ewes - 0.2 litre/head/day
A blend of molasses and high levels of vitamins and trace elements for improving palatability of feeds in an easy-to-handle from.  3 - - 36 -
Noketo Dairy Cows and Sheep - Mix in with rations, pour over cereals, roughage or silage OR feed ad-lib via a wheel feeder. 2 fluid ounces of Cider Apple Vinegar on every 0.6 litres of this molasses-based source of energy. With added trace elements and vitamins. 3 - - 30
Cider Apple Vinegar All Stock
60 ml/2fl.oz/head/day
Although no medicinal claims can be made for C.A.V., farmers have found for a long time that it is effective in helping to prevent and control a wide range of problems in all stock. - - - - -
Minimol All Stock
Cattle -Up to 2 litres/head/day
Ewes - Up to 4 litres/10ewes/day
General purpose energy/protein liquid feed for all classes of stock. Does not contain Urea. 12 - - 26 -



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