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Urea Based Animal Feed Supplements

See the table below for more details.

Feeding Rates
Total Protein % As Fed Protein % From Urea As Fed Magnesium % Sugar % As Sucrose Cider Apple Vinegar Trace Elements Vitamins (Valid for 6 months)
Protvitlic Sheep 16 Sheep - 0.1 - 0.25 litre/ewe/day
Via wheel feeder
Provides for the special needs of breeding, fattening and store sheep with a high level of energy derived from molasses and an optimum level of protein from urea. Also contains Cider Apple Vinegar to help promote general health and condition. 16 14 - 34
Provitlic 20 Sheep & Cattle A medium protein liquid feed for cattle on grass or silage and for all classes of sheep especially where straw is a major part of the ration. 20 20 - 32 -
Provitlic 40 +C.A.V. As above Specially designed to supplement diet of young stock and store cattle on straw-based rations. Also suitable for feeding cattle on maize diets to supplement protein levels. Contains Cider Apple Vinegar. Fed at recommended rate with ad-lib straw and 1 kg barley will provide a typical balanced ration for stores. 40 38 - 34
Provitlic 64 Cattle and Sheep - Dilute 2:1 in water or pour 1.5 litres on small bales or 15 litres on big bales A versatile high protein supplement which can be poured over straw/hay, added to home-mixed rations or fed ad-lib diluted water to provide 42% protein strength. 64 62 - 25 -
Dry Cow Dry Cows - 0.75 litre/head/day Contains magnesium to help with milk fever & mobilisation of calcium & protein to improve roughage digestion. 20 18 2.2 22 -
Wormalic Sheep & Cattle
0.2 - 0.4 litre/head/day dependant upon size
To control stomach & intestinal roundworm in cattle and sheep and lungworms in cattle. 2.8 - - 36 - - -



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