Proper nutrition & energy for your beef cattle

Our Biomins range is approved by the soil association for use in organic farming systems to keep stock’s minerals and trace element levels up in order for them to thrive.

Our range is based on organic cane molasses with natural proteins to give your organic stock the minerals and trace elements needed to thrive.

Organic feed bucket range

Bio feed bucket – A high energy general purpose feed bucket suitable for all types of cattle.

Organic liquid feed range

Biomol – Suitable for feeding ‘ad-lib’ through wheel lick feeders, poured over forage or added to mixers to reduce dust and increase palatability.

Biomag – Magnesium supplementation for all stock.

Organic mineral bucket range

Biomins Cattle – General purpose mineral lick for all types of housed or grazing cattle.

Biomins Hi-Mag – Guards against grass staggers and milk fever.

Biomins Dry Cow – Specifically formulated for cows prior to calving. Guards against milk fever by suppling magnesium, phosphorous with minimal levels of calcium.

Biomins Garlyx – Contains high levels of garlic and other natural ingredients to deter biting flies and insects.

Approved by the soil association for use in organic farming systems