Why use Dallas Keith for your horse?

  • Reduces boredom in stabled or grazing horses.
  • Contains the vital vitamins and minerals that are commonly deficient in modern pastures and forage.
  • When made available for “free access” all horses have the chance to supplement their diet at will/as required.
  • The unique formulation ensures muscle and bone development whilst enhancing body and coat condition.

Our horse range is a highly palatable lightly molassed 12.5kg block packed with all the vital vitamins and minerals in a flexible, shatter proof container.

Who is our horse range suitable for?

  • Horses prone to digestive problems.
  • Horses and ponies that need to maintain digestive efficiency.
  • Horses and ponies being fed a high forage diet.
  • Lactating mares to maintain optimum milk quality.
  • Young growing horses to support normal growth pattern and weight gain.
  • Older horses.

We are pleased to announce that we are registered as BETA-NOPS approved manufacturers of feed and mineral licks for horses.


Suitable for all types of horse and pony with a full range of trace elements and minerals to help them thrive.


Added live yeast to support the efficient functioning of the horses hind gut. Helping to maintain a stable environment in the hind gut ensures good levels of fibre digesting bacteria and maintenance of good body condition.


High levels of garlic to repel biting insects as well as having a significant anti-viral action. Garlic has been known to clear up some of the most difficult to treat conditions. Improves appetite, digestive functions and the immune system to naturally fight infections.


Carefully selected range of herbs for all round well being.


Alleviates nasal congestion and reduces coughing and irritation in the airways.


Found to be useful for soothing stiffness and pain whilst maintaining good digestion and alleviating skin and joint conditions.


A good source of amino acids and micronutrients to help improve the horse’s coat and hooves while helping to maintain its immune system and ability to fight off disease naturally.