Proper nutrition & energy for your sheep

This specially formulated feed block range is based on a mix of molasses and cereals including soya, barley and maize, along with the inclusion of supplementary minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are essential to the health and production of your livestock. Our Feed Blocks are designed to get the most out of your home grown forage.

Dallas Keith has struck a balance between making blocks hard enough to stand up to the worst of the weather whilst still giving your stock ready access to a molassed, cereal based formulation and the essential trace elements and minerals for them to thrive.

Sheep feed block range

Protein Energy – General purpose feed bucket sheep, providing protein and energy for growth and maintenance.

Hi-Mag Energy – Specifically formulated for stock on lush pasture. Spring/Autumn especially.

Hi-Energy – Good energy level and high protein for growth and condition of all classes of sheep. Aids lactation. To be offered where energy is a requirement (poor pasture/ forage).

Extra-Energy – Higher level of protected fat providing good levels of energy for all classes of sheep. To be offered at high stress times i.e. immediately post lambing, adverse weather conditions & poor pasture/forage.

The Lambing Bucket – Formulated to meet the increased nutritional need of the ewe in late pregnancy. Molasses and fats to assist in the prevention of twin lamb disease.

Pre-Tup – Ewes need to be on a rising plane of nutrition to ensure the maximum number of eggs for
fertilisation. Sept/Oct/Nov time when tups are introduced – your only chance for high lamb numbers.

Deccox – Helps to alleviate the symptoms of coccidiosis. Vet prescription required.

Give your stock ready access to the minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are essential for health and production.