Proper nutrition for your sheep

Molamins Mineral Buckets contain high mineral levels of both the major and trace elements in equivalent amounts to many free access mineral powders. These minerals are essential for building sound bones and tissue, while also ensuring good feed conversion rates, general health and well-being.

Available in a molassed block which stock find palatable and is waste free.

Molamins are unaffected by wet conditions making them ideal for use with both grazing and housed stock.

Molamin mineral buckets range

Sheep – General purpose mineral lick for housed or grazing sheep.

Hi-Mag – Guards against grass staggers.

Hi-Phos – To be fed at tupping time – phosphorous is needed in rapidly growing lambs and lactating sheep. It is essential for tissue and bone growth.

Zinco – Protected levels of zinc, selenium and higher levels of Vitamin E. Essential for growth and fertility rates. Also improved hide and hoof condition.

Garlyx – Contains high levels of garlic and other natural ingredients to deter biting flies and insects.

Independent analytical consultants ensure that all products are made from the highest quality raw materials which is maintained in the finished products.