Proper nutrition & energy for your sheep

One of the first companies involved in the development and production of liquid feed supplements for ruminants, we now offer probably the widest range of formulations available in the U.K. Administering the supplements could hardly be easier. We have formulations which can be poured over hay, straw, maize silage or fed ad-lib through wheel feeders.

Molassed liquid feed is an easy way of increasing dry matter intake whilst adding energy, protein, palatability and mineral supplements to a ration.

Molassed liquid feed supplement range

Provitlic 16 – High level of energy and optimum level of protein with added CAV.

Provitlic 20 – For all classes of sheep, especially where hay and poor quality silage are a major part of the ration.

Magvitlic – Mag supplementation for all classes of stock with the addition of cider apple vinegar.

Vit-Molasses – Cane molasses with high levels of vitamins and trace elements for improving palatability of feeds.

Econolic – GM and urea free, general purpose high-energy protein liquid for all classes of grazed or housed stock.

Minimol – General purpose energy liquid. Used to reduce dust and improve palatability of home mixes. Does not contain urea.