Proper nutrition for your sheep

Once again we are the only company to offer a high specification salt lick in a bucket. SaltLix is a guaranteed specification block with no waste and economical intake levels.

The SaltLix range is designed to provide mineral and trace element supplementation for both housed and grazing animals on all management systems. SaltLix is also approved by the Soil Association for use in organic farming systems.

SaltLix bucket range

Standard Salt – Contains 2% magnesium but no trace elements.

Sheep High Trace Element – High trace elements to suit all classes of sheep.

High Zinc Salt – Helps to maintain healthy feet and stop contagious skin complaints.

Salt and Iodine – Essential for healthy thyroid function which increases growth, fertility and lamb vitality.

Garlic Salt – Repels biting insects as well as having a great anti-viral action. Garlic has been known to clear up some of the most difficult to treat conditions. Improves appetite, digestive functions and the immune system to naturally fight infections.

Salt is one of the most underrated minerals and is vital for maintaining bodily functions such as transmitting nerve impulses, uptake of key nutrients into the bloodstream and maintaining bodily fluids.

Salt deficiencies are commonly displayed as abnormal licking or chewing of wood, soil and sweat of other animals, urine drinking and slow growth rates or low milk yields.

A salt base prevents excessive intakes commonly seen in molasses licks.