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For nearly forty years, Dallas Keith has specialised in animal feed supplements for ruminants.

Badger BlocksTwin Wheel Deer FeederCattle Salt Lick Game Feed BlockTwin Wheel Feeder for Cattle Molamins Mineral Buckets for Sheep and Cattle 500kg Feed Block for Cattle

One of the first companies involved in the development and production of liquid feed supplement, we now offer probably the widest range of formulations available in the U.K.

Whatever the season, there are Dallas Keith liquids which can help supplement pasture or roughage with the proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements vital to the health and development of your herd or flock.

Also investigate our New Generation Feed Blocks where a new manufacturing process has enable us to produce what are probably the world's largest feed blocks - the 500kg Jumbo Blocks!

With molasses and cereal-based formulations we have struck a balance between making blocks which are hard enough to stand up to the worst of the weather and providing blocks which give your stock ready access to the supplementary minerals, vitamins and trace elements essential for health and production.

Our Molamins Mineral Buckets contain high mineral levels of both the major and trace elements in equivalent amounts to many free access mineral powders. They are available in a molasses block so that stock find it very attractive and palatable and are waste free. Being unaffected by wet conditions makes them ideal for use with both grazing and housed stock.

See details of our exciting new Game Block. It attracts game birds to holding areas.

Investigate our Cider Apple Vinegar, it is made solely from whole British apples and then turned into vinegar where acetic bacteria convert the alcohol to acetic acid; a substance essential to cattle and many other animals. Hundreds of farmers swear by it and use it for a variety of reasons.

You'll find Dallas Keith Liquid Supplements, Feed Blocks and Mineral Buckets economical, too.

Compare our prices and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Click to download our 'Organic Approved Products' Leaflet, in .PDF format



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