Over 40 years experience producing high quality feed supplements

Perfected techniques and methods of producing products to meet farmers' every need.

Vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential for maximum health and protection.

Independent analytical consultants to ensure products are of the highest quality raw materials.

Well known and trusted, Dallas Keith was one of the first companies involved liquid feed supplements and the first to produce a molassed feed supplement in a bucket. From there we have continued to grow; now offering a wide range of products to help supplement pasture or roughage with the proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements vital to the health and development of your herd or flock.

Why feed minerals and vitamins?

  • Minerals and vitamins are key components of all livestock diets. They are essential for performance, fertility, health and general well-being of stock.
  • Not only are they essential in building sound bones and tissue but also in ensuring good feed conversion and enabling your animals to produce to their maximum capacity.
  • The correct balance of minerals and vitamins are present in all Dallas Keith products to complement the range of forages fed in the U.K. and around the world. Our products are available in a range of forms to suit every feeding system in order to overcome any specific or general problems.